I think my used clothing reached more eyes than they would if I listed them on eBay. If you're considering selling on Poshmark, you might be wondering how difficult it is and whether you'll make any sales. I complained to Poshmark and was told that I had to keep it. Thank goodness! The service was very poor for the high cost. At the time of writing this post, Poshmark gives buyers 24 hours to take advantage of an “Offer to Liker” (OTL). You will be asked to give your product a name and a description. Additional information includes uploading a profile photo of yourself, a header image (just like having a header image on Facebook) and filling out the About page for your Poshmark account.

I've sold many items without measurements. A few even liked and commented on my listings; I thanked them. Someone is trying to engage me over email or text. I much appreciated that as a new seller. Poshmark wasn't quite what I expected when I started out. Is there some way to list them all on the same post giving a potential buyer the ability to choose only one. I order the mailers from the USPS Online Store, they are free. Another thing I've learned is that there's no reason to limit yourself to just one opportunity when so many are available. Lot Of 2 Adult Candy Corn Face Masks Bundle, Vintage Ceramic Milk Pitcher Handmade 10" x 5.5" H, Size: 10" High x 5.5" at it's widest point, Lot Of 3 Day Of The Dead Face Masks Bundle, New Christmas Theme Wine Glass Charms Set Of 6, Believe in Fairies Dust Charm Necklace Tinker Bell, Women's Handmade Blouse short sleeve 40" breast XL, Lot Of 2 Day Of The Dead Face Masks Bundle, Vintage Wooden Beaded Statement Necklace Boho, Small Gray and Zigzag Pillow Covers Handmade, Handmade Infinity Knitted Scarf mouth mask , Blue Teal White Glass Beaded Lock Anklet 10 in, Tie dye baby bodysuit rainbow spinal pattern 24M, Tie dyed RBG dissent collar unisex S tshirt, Memory Wrap Bracelet Clear Green Floral Beads, The Bail Project Change Matters Movement Tee, Dainty Delicate Labradorite Sterling Pendant, Unisex Handmade Face Mask with Filter Pocket, Handmade string friendship peace ☮️ Bracelets. Hope this helps! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. As I started receiving more requests for measurements while I was away from home – or sleeping – I started including them when listing items whenever possible. If you have any questions about Poshmark please leave me a comment. Watch those buy-sell groups or post your own “In Search Of” post. So I decided to try it. ), then use invite code THEWAHWIFE when signing up. Get great ideas delivered straight to your inbox in The Penny Hoarder Daily! If they are different, however, you should create a listing for each item. Then consider these pros and con to decide whether it's for you.

The other day I made a video showing how I have begun selling on Poshmark. It is angering, to say the very least. What happens if the buyer claims the item didn’t arrive although the tracking number says it was delivered? Gary recommends giving style tips in descriptions to convey to users just how versatile items are. How long will Poshmark leave the item listed ? List Perfectly – cross-list your items on multiple platforms in a snap. Poshmark requires you enter the original or retail price. You can then accept, decline or counteroffer. They had people begging them to post more clothes, more beautiful handbags. Hello, Yes I am still selling and happy with the process and app. You need to go shopping to find things to sell.

And you don’t know them.
Hope this helps! The instructions today will show images from the Apple version of the app. Related blog posts:

Wow, glad I read all this. Now that you are on the Poshmark app I encourage you to click around, try tapping different buttons and simply exploring the app.
I like to include the brand name of the item, the name of the item itself any describing factors such as color, style and size. Welcome! I sell on Poshmark.

Here are 20+ things to do when your items just aren’t selling. You can find a running list of my favorite reseller tools in. HI The people who sell clothes on Poshmark make it seem so easy. You do you. Regarding returns, Poshmark is mostly a no returns policy platform so I do not worry about that much at all. That person doesn’t even know you. I participated in these a lot in my early days as a Poshmark seller, but not so much anymore. Selling on Poshmark. When it comes to listing, I batch process by photographing, measuring and creating drafts with the app for all of my items at once. I envied them, perched so high on their chic Poshmark pedestals.

It will give your items the best representation of color and texture, in most cases. I have always enjoyed shopping secondhand so using Poshmark has become very second nature to me. One great thing about Poshmark is that it mediates cases. Once earnings are available in your account, you need to request payment by check or direct deposit, depending on the platform. I am new to Poshmark and I have one question about posting.

I joined in June and did not sell my first item until August so it can take some time as well. If you're a blogger or online business owner, you've likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). A lot of members of my community who are selling on Poshmark also list their items on Mercari. I really don't like scammers with bad customer service. That has happened a few times on eBay and they covered it not me!! Most of the items you want to sell should be gently used or better. Place the item in the package, label it and drop it in any USPS blue postal box or directly at your local post office.

When I first started selling clothing, I didn’t include measurements in any descriptions. If the price is over a certain amount, Poshmark may have you send the item to it to authenticate first. Remember, Poshmark items come up in Google search results. If you haven’t joined Poshmark yet the first step is to download the app to your phone and sign up for an account.

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