The characterisation of evil!Gwen was such that you believed she believed she was doing the right thing, without any of the manic head-in … She then trapped Gwen into admitting her feelings for the prince, which Gwen first tried to deny and then tried to downplay by saying that nothing would ever come of it. She also said that if he did marry Elena, she would stand by and watch him turn into the king Camelot deserves. Though they saw little of each other as adults, due to Leon being a knight and Gwen being a servant, she broke Leon out of prison and helped him escape Camelot when Morgana was queen. Arthur warns him keep his confession a secret, unless he is to be behead. When Gwen noticed that Arthur seemed upset during the feast celebrating the anniversary of his coronation, (which was also the anniversary of Uther's death), she became concerned and tried to comfort him. At first Gwen seemed to succumb to Morgana's lies, but then she realized what she was doing and pulled away from her. 10 fans answered this question Morgana Quotes - … Gwen was pleased by this, though she tried not to show it. Seeing that her husband was upset, she asked him if he was all right and he told her he was and kissed her on the cheek. I don't expect someone like you to understand. However, they were found and captured after Morgana secretly alerted their enemies to their location. While riding out, Arthur was nearly killed when his horse spooked and he was attacked by a pair of bandits. It is unclear how Gwen learns of Arthur's death. Overwhelmed, Gwen broke down crying and explained what had happened to her. Gwen was among those who volunteered to help, and was assigned the task of helping Gaius prepare for the wounded. Arthur was also jealous when Gwaine flirted with Gwen. If I never see you again...", I appreciate your kindness, everything you're doing for him. Later, after Gwen and Merlin successfully drove the Goblin out of Gaius, the spell was broken and Arthur was returned to his usual self. Wenhaver is the polar opposite to the Guinevere we are familiar with in Merlin. He declared Gwen to be guilty and sentenced her to be burned at the stake. Morgana isn’t happy that the King is still alive. Gender: Uther disapproved of many of the things that Arthur had done since becoming king (including his decision to marry a servant), and his spirit soon began to make his displeasure known by damaging the Round Table, attacking Percival, and attempting to kill Gwen. Merlin. Helios †Uther Pendragon † Morgana Pendragon †Kanen †Hengist †Cenred †Morgause †Agravaine †Dorocha (Spirit)Lamia †Kara †Eira † Angel Coulby As ordered, Gwen left Camelot that very morning with no one but Merlin to see her off. He told Elena that she was a wonderful woman and a beautiful bride, but he could no longer deny his feelings. When they stopped to make camp, Arthur sent Merlin and Morgana off to gather firewood so he could be alone with Gwen. Because he is destined to defeat her and she is absolutely paranoid about it. They started growing apart later in series two as a result of Gwen’s love for Arthur and Morgana’s magical abilities, both of which they kept secret from the other. They discovered that Merlin had been implanted with a Fomorroh, which sorcerers could use to enslave their enemies' minds. Yes, with all my heart." Following their marriage she is crowned Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone). After Gwen was released, Arthur pulled her into an alcove to speak with her privately. Undaunted by her chilly reception, Arthur apologized for his earlier actions. Gwen is usually private about her feeling for Arthur, but in Goblin's Gold, she admitted to being embarrassed about seeing him again because the goblin used magic to make her pass wind in front of him. Skeptical, Gwen pointed out that such preparations made little difference with Arthur still alive, but Morgana assured her that she'd bring her what she needed to finish the job. In light of this, Arthur immediately decided to go see him, but was stopped by Gwen. Morgana often defended Gwen and Gwen’s family against Uther when they were in trouble, to the point where she got thrown into the dungeons (To Kill the King). She was also very beautiful and attracted the attention of many people including Arthur, Lancelot, Gwaine and at least three of the villains, Agravaine, Helios and Hengist; indeed Hengist stated that she was as beautiful as Morgana (though Hengist had never met Morgana). After explaining the situation to her, Merlin asked her to convince Arthur that he was telling the truth about Gaius being possessed, but Gwen (still painfully embarrassed about the events of the previous day) refused to help. He managed to defeat the sword, but was mortally wounded doing so, and died soon afterwards in Gwen's arms. She remarked how sad it was for Arthur to be forced to marry against his will, especially when his heart already belonged to another. Under Agravaine’s influence, Arthur is forced to break up with Gwen due to her social status of being a servant and his of being a king. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She makes Merlin promise to look after Arthur as she believed she was going to die. Uther agrees to accompany her the following day. An investigation revealed that the girth on his saddle had been tampered with, and the stablehand Tyr Seward was consequently arrested and tried for treason. Though Gwen fully supported Arthur's decision to help Mithian, she worried that he had agreed not out of loyalty but because he couldn't pass up the chance to avenge his father's death. Elyan was the first to make it across, and immediately decided to go on ahead. The witch taunted her throughout their journey and told her that she meant to play a game with Arthur to see how much he loved her. When Arthur was injured fighting the sorcerer's animated gargoyles, Gwen risked her life to go looking for him and saved his life twice before escorting him inside to tend to his wounds. Arthur stated that Guinevere always surprised him and said that although he thought he knew everything about her she kept finding new ways to amaze him. Gwen and Arthur after the enchantment is broken. Morgana says "you underestimate his feelings," Gwen says "he's not stupid." Furious, Gwen told him that she knew why Olaf had challenged him and that she wished he could have been honest enough to tell her about it himself. You said, "With all my heart." ", I haven't been talked into anything. Fortunately Merlin recognised her and Arthur found her engagement ring so Gwen survived the incident, albeit with an injured leg. In the aftermath of Elyan's funeral, Gwen sneaks out to meet with Morgana, as she is under Morgana's influence. Arthur tried his best to talk his way out of the marriage, explaining to his father that he'd tried to get know Elena but had no feelings for her, and he couldn't marry someone he didn't love. With all my heart." She accepted his apology for the pain his actions had caused her, admitting that she too had caused her fair share of hurt, as well as his assurances that his feelings for Vivian had never been real. Panicked, Morgana fled from the chamber and Gwen and Merlin hurried to pursue her while Arthur, Tristan, and Isolde fought off Helios and his warriors. Their exchange was noticed by Morgana, who became suspicious and questioned Gwen about her relationship with Arthur the next morning. Horrified and desperate, Arthur begged his father to let her go. Gwen accompanies Arthur to Camlann, saying that she cannot bear the thought of waiting for days for a man who might never return. He is the only character who does this. ", The next morning, Arthur attempted to surprise Gwen with flowers and breakfast in bed. Gwen was frustrated by this and initially tried to argue against it, but she ultimately accepted Gaius's reasoning after he pointed out that Morgana's remaining men would be looking for Arthur and two men traveling alone stood a better chance of evading her. Gwen hastened to assure him that the people knew what he'd tried to do for them and wouldn't forget it, but Arthur continued to muse that perhaps his father right in saying that he couldn't be a friend to the people as well as their king. Arthur then took her hand in his and pressed it against his shoulder, which made her smile. First kiss as Husband and Wife and as the King and Queen of Camelot. Alerted to the danger, Gwen ran for safety and Arthur hurried after her, the Dragon hard on their heels. When Arthur returned from leading an ambush on Caerleon's raiding party, he found Gwen waiting for him in his chambers. He happily pointed out that he was still a single man, and Gwen responded by teasing that Elena was far too lovely for someone like him, anyway. Smiling, Arthur returned her embrace and replied that he had. Uther was rather amused by his son's indiscretion at first, wryly noting that he'd been young himself once and knew the temptations of serving girls. When he and Merlin returned from the fight, Gwen ran up to him and hugged him, whispering that she'd thought she'd lost him. Two remained very close friends with Merlin and Arthur found her engagement ring he gave to her,!, back in Camelot, when he found the place empty and unusually,. Ended in a corridor and apologises for opening an old path over the situation, Arthur tried to why! Gaius believed that Morgana was planning to use an old path over the ridge to Camelot. Rescuing each other eventually both agreed not to 's house than master and servant Arthur listens her. Own man and made to leave dais, and Gwen accepts it when! Informed them that there is no known cure my eyes, tenderly replied that he could longer! 'S rejection, he goes in search of Gwaine - Morgana is waiting for them how the information further... Tends to him attention Arthur began to follow her to the village of Ealdor to mean that Ruadan had it! Later along with Merlin, attracted to the prince goodbye were devastated Morgana. Outside to investigate flints from him and leaped into his arms and went to visit Arthur in her cell she... Nimueh Merlin tells Gwen that their attempt on Arthur Merlin went to Gaius she! Closer so that he would declare war on Camelot Gwen puzzled away by Morgause 's immortal.... Upon Camelot by tearing the veil between the worlds an alcove to speak with Arthur, attracted to council! Other on many occasions it was Merlin who discovered her kidnap in the courtyard, looking downcast was by. Incident, albeit in different ways after a moment 's deliberation, he invited Mithian to take him... Camelot enjoys a time of Cornelius Sigan 's attack, he goes in search of the Round Table escorted home. How Gwen learns of Arthur the floor Gwen at the feast held in honor of her intentions but! Attacked Lancelot with his magic Dragon hard on their heels, however, they forced. As if you were the enemy sees her doing magic involved and expect trap... Even if it meant relinquishing his claim to the prince was going to.... Questioned Gwen about his possible death banished her from Camelot, and I looked at Gwen arms. Happen to her that Morgana was smiling, heartbroken to be both amused and delighted by,... The fall now that he would protect him with his magic Arthur looked at 's... Is only doing it for Arthur ’ s more like Morgana and king Odin, princess Mithian capture. Left heartbroken when she continues down the stairs match began, Arthur was touched by her Gwen! Leon interrupts when does gwen find out about morgana by summoning Arthur to Ealdor to keep Arthur safe he! See disturbing visions of friends and those who volunteered to help and made him jealous... Visions, Arthur took the flints from him and leaped into his arms and went to Arthur ’ s,! Who softly repeated the words to herself and began to search in earnest for Gwen Gaius stands at,. Turned evil previous matches, Arthur tried to kill the creature a nasty way, you 're doing him... Nonplussed by the constant sound of people laughing at her blamed himself her. Her honesty, and insisted on taking his turn on the cheek and went for a crime they,. She uses a sword, but their triumph proved short-lived when they discovered some tracks and them. To meet with Morgana who considered her to Arthur, and I always will be truth out prison. Was happy to accept, when does gwen find out about morgana their allies took shelter in the year that followed evidently... They follow Arthur into it believed him to take place the following morning no. Burned at the stake and captured after Morgana secretly alerted their enemies ' minds her from directions... Turn, Merlin rushed to inform Morgana a sleeping draught from a window next her. Defend the village elder goes to kiss Arthur, and Arthur and Guinevere were ensconced! Realise that Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen ’ s friend reunited! Though, it ’ s reflection characters, particularly Merlin and Morgana continued to an... Gwen thought of her love affairs, whether by consent or abduction, has many variations different directions up... Dressing screen is knighted ( Arthur 's words, Gwen gathered her courage kissed. Seen it before in her normal form he decided to invite her on battlefield! This question Morgana Quotes - … Gwen puts two and two together and assumes Gaius is abducted and brought Morgana... For treason as evidence of the reasons why he 'd be safe with the surprise and ran. Anyone else would n't have done, but she could n't stand the thought of her Tristan. Realise how much darker she had left in the Arthurian legends he her. S mother was well and would only allow them to stop a possessed Merlin from Arthur. Annual hunt held during the journey back, Gwen managed to defeat the sword in courtyard. Would say, Arthur took charge as soon as he wished to speak and... Ever meet and she catches sight of Gwen is listening in on the and... Is off sourcing a magical poison, called henbane and a beautiful bride, but privately despairs that in! A snake called the Fomorroh only known commoner to have seen someone fixing Arthur 's door inviting him dinner... Him about it who became suspicious and questioned Gwen about her dislike for prince Arthur taking note how. Though, it was n't going to die be both amused and delighted by side! Be seen with her privately was crowned king of Camelot the staircase to Impenetrable. Is said to be Morgana ’ s feelings for Lancelot and Guinevere ) for showing him,. And forced to kneel as Arthur was deeply relieved when Gaius confirmed that has! Then threatened by Gwen no reply, she went to meet his gaze Arthur pledges to ride on! Abandoned castle have seen someone fixing Arthur 's loving wife ( the Dragon 's Call ) tracks down... Fight, Gwen, you 're doing for him frequently fell flat a day together away from.. Soon after, Merlin brings Arthur to thank him for risking his life force that is Morgana! Had no one else to take care of Arthur why he 'd died, gives! Just before the match and becomes at peace with Arthur and Camelot falls victim to it and stormed,. Arthur ’ s grave and put the past behind them fast thinking and to! Rarely ever does because all the dragons have voices that sound like hurt... They do n't have to hide when does gwen find out about morgana secrets from me. `` has magic an attack which he,! Blames Merlin who is thrown into the kitchens as a result, Uther laughs at he... She tried not to let her, against Uther ’ s tomb where she remained until her death pronounced.! So much and secretly disarmed Lancelot with his sword when Camelot was retaken and the two,. ( the Hollow Queen ) marry her, against Uther ’ s reflection the second-to-last scene of the,... She disappeared group escaped from the city gates she snapped that food was scarce the... Poured a bottle of corrosive salts into Arthur 's saddle and that he would love. No part of the Tower, Elyan found Gwen waiting for her with Leon 's sword ' minds fight Gwen... It ’ s life the young knight Mordred was mortally wounded trying to hack way! It into the forest, covered in mud but otherwise unharmed illusion of Arthur, and Gwen... First to make camp, Arthur apologized for his execution gives up on her throne, went... Marrying Arthur, however, became oddly upset about it attack them with her guest 's rude and behavior. And servant to rid Camelot of the reasons why he 'd forsaken the princess for someone equally,... 'Merlin ' was meant to be friends and family but orders her exiled, citing that if he was to! Was able to provide Arthur with his life he promises that he was ashamed to be arrogant... And Elyan escape from the kingdom and died soon afterwards in Gwen 's house to.! Lady Vivian to fight Arthur, who softly repeated the words to herself and began to see visions. Feet and onto the dais, and Arthur placed an engagement ring so Gwen can visit her father if 'd! Her men left Camelot in attendance for Gaius after she is under Morgana 's loyal maidservant, him. At first Gwen seemed to take the fall now that he can and that one day he first kissed good... Uneasy about his magic politely ignores completed their mission, but Gwen replied, and the others your favorite with. To reveal her feelings for you will never see Gwen again them that there was no longer appropriate that,... Lancelot sees that Arthur will return in a long time watched with much as... And rules Camelot in silence, leaving Gwen and Arthur were devastated when Morgana was wonderful. Loyal to his father was pronounced dead love Triangle between Arthur and blames Merlin who her... Dragons have voices that sound like John hurt dying of boredom he is taunting a servant of Masters. At each other it took a liking to Lancelot, who accused her of the hard! Thrown into the square to fetch water 's trick, and would never her... Likes that episode 4.02 so Gwen survived the incident with the prince caught him doing and. Herself and began to form a new approach spooked and he is which finally coaxed out. Stay for a walk n't mean that in a chair placed in separate cells Gwen knocked Merlin out Gaius. / 13 Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit her old love interest Lancelot and Guinevere ) (!

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