At 0400 hours, HMS Calcutta parted company to join convoy AS 3. Brooke, RN) left Hvalfiord to provide distant cover for convoy's PQ 16 and QP 12. Royal Australian Navy (more on Royal Australian Navy). The Alamar was heavily damaged by bombs and was scuttled by HMS Trident.

R.H. Gibbs, USN), USS Mayrant (Cdr. Convoy PQ 14 was now finally clear from the ice. D. Young-Jamieson, RN) escorted by the destroyers Another aircraft dropped a stick of bombs near HMS Ilex. (4). B.R.

They were designed for overseas service in peacetime and for hunting down commerce raiders in war on the long trade routes of the distant oceans.

Griffen, USN on board), heavy cruiser USS Tuscaloosa (Capt. Force Q; RFA tanker Black Ranger (3417 GRT, built 1941) and her escort, the escort destroyer HMS Ledbury (Lt.Cdr. Trehata (British, 4817 GRT, built 1928), Servaes, CBE, RN), destroyers HMS Faulknor (Capt. The hull is well cast with very fine planking detail and no bubbles. On reaching the vicinity of their objectives, the aerodrome and the power station, the aircraft encountered a layer of cloud at 5000 feet and another layer at 4000 feet. The aircraft attacked the harbour and laid their mines. She was first machine gunned and reported the attacking aircraft as a Sunderland (sic). At 0846 hours U-591 attacked HMS Achates with three torpedoes which missed.

Her AA armament was reinforced by the addition of two single 4-inch guns abreast the forward funnel in 1932–33.

Between 1900 and 1910 hours, two bombing attacks were made on the fleet.

Nicolson, DSO and Bar, RN), HMS Hostile (Lt.Cdr. On the night of 13/14 November 1944, as flagship of Rear-Admiral Rhoderick McGrigor during Operation Counterblast, the ship, with the light cruiser Bellona and four destroyers, attacked Convoy KS.357 off Listerfjord, south-east of Egersund, Norway. She was shadowed from then on and Soviet air support, that had been promised failed to show up. C.H. HMS Coventry, HMS Calcutta, HMS Nubian, HMS Mohawk, HMS Janus and HMS Juno had been detached to Malta to refuel. Armstrong, DSC and Bar, RN), HMS Offa (Lt.Cdr.

Name: Kent No. Storheill, RNorN), escort destroyer HMS Badsworth (Lt. G.T.S. Currey, DSC, RN) and the escort destroyers HMS Belvoir (Lt. J.F.D. J.J. Youngs, OBE, RNR), A/S trawlers HMS Blackfly (T/Lt. A.E.M.B. C.H. At 2150 hours, in position 39°30’N, 04°01’E, ‘Force W’ comprising HMS Velox and HMS Wishart, was detached for the W/T diversion. HMS Kent after refitting at Devonport Dockyard September 1941. Wilson, RN), HMS Janus (Cdr. At 0300/13, HMS Kent (Capt. Empire Bard (British, 3114 GRT, built 1942), Richardson, DSC, RN), HMS Fury (Lt.Cdr. H.W. Tyrwhitt, RN) departed Alexandria to patrol in the Aegean and to provide cover for two merchant vessels (Palermo (British, 2928 GRT, bult 1938) and Vasco (Spanish, 1193 GRT, built 1926) departing Piraeus for Port Said. Historical Center AUSTRALIAN NAVAL SHIPS section. 23 Dec 1940HMS Kelvin (Cdr. There was in effect a projected 16-18,000 tonnes standard design in 1939 calling for three triple turrets with 8-in guns like American cruisers, but it never materialized. H. Eibel, ORP) left Seidisfiord and joined the escort of PQ 16 P.M. heaving made rendez-vous with HMS Norfolk, HMS Kent and HMS Liverpool before joining the convoy. You are really a good person! This ship had been heavily damaged by German Ju 88 aircraft and had been abanadoned. Massmar (American, 5828 GRT, built 1920), Only one small building was seen and it was destroyed. Repaired in Australia and UK.


Chapman, RNR), HMS Snowflake (Lt. H.G.

At 1856 hours, HMS Voyager was detached to Malta and at 1900 hours HMS Calcutta, HMS Hasty, HMS Hero, HMS Decoy and HMS Wryneck rejoined. [8], In November 1939 she joined with the French heavy cruiser Suffren and the Australian destroyers Voyager and Vampire to hunt for the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee in the East Indies and then was reassigned to escort troop convoys in the Indian Ocean in January 1940. All ships from the close cover and close escort force that had departed Seidisfiord on the 10th joined convoy PQ 14. West Gotomska (American, 5728 GRT, built 1918) and The first RN Cruisers built within the confines of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, limiting standard displacement for heavy (8" gun) cruisers to 10,000 tons.

and the assembly views to clearly show where the parts go. She was one of the primary ships involved with the New Guinea

Towards nightfall, HMS Kent, escorted by HMS Nubian and HMS Mohawk, were detached to carry out a bombardment of Bardia after 0001/18 and keeping outside the 100 fathom line. HMS Somali, HMS Matchless, HMS Foresight and HMS Forester all arrived at Seidisfiord to fuel. J.H. At position 58°20'N, 06°00'E, the TF fell in with a German convoy, 4 freighters escorted by M 416, M 427, UJ 1221, UJ 1223, UJ 1713 and one more, unidentified auxiliary submarine chaser. It was apparent that the AA defence had been increased since the last attack. (6). She was the lead ship of the Kent subclass. They did not sight enemy aircraft but a section of Fulmars from HMS Illustrious attacked a British Hudson in error. At 0900 hours HMS Valiant and HMS Illustrious were sighted right ahead. (1), 16 Sep 1939HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. J. (9). 3 aircraft From the initial close escort of convoy PQ 14, HMS Wilton, HMS Hebe, HMS Speedy and two of the A/S trawlers were damaged by ice and their Asdic gear was out of action as the convoy encountered thick ice during 11 and 12 April. E.G.H. F.C. ships boats are all well cast but some will be a little difficult to remove

Cunninghame-Graham, RN), light cruiser HMS Nigeria (Capt. The destroyer HMS Eclipse from the close escort of convoy QP 10 left to fuel at Seidisfiord. Dan-Y-Brin (British, 5117 GRT, built 1940), P. Todd, DSO, RN), HMS Icarus (Lt.Cdr. She was the lead ship of the Kent subclass. Resin gun barrels are provided. W.R. Patterson, CB, CVO, RN, flying the flag of flying the flag of Vice-Admiral J.C. Tovey, KCB, KBE, DSO, RN, C-in-C Home Fleet), HMS Duke of York (Capt. The heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland (57) of the Royal Navy. W.R. Slayter, DSC, RN), HMS Nigeria (Capt. She was present at Savo Island when her sister ship the Canberra

1 catapult. After doing so she departed for Scapa Flow in the afternoon. The US destroyers USS Wainwright, USS Mayrant, USS Rhind and USS Rowan arrived at Seidisfiord to fuel before joining the battlefleet at sea sailing P.M.

From the main battleforce HMAS Stuart, HMAS Vendetta, HMAS Vampire and HMS Defender were detached to Malta at 2000 hours where they were to refuel.


Empire Lawrence (British, 7457 GRT, built 1941), Bombs were released from 3000 feet and hits were observed on the barracks, aerodrome buildings and aircraft dispersed round the aerodrome. Le Geyt, RN), HMS Somali (Capt.

The light machine guns are probably the best I have seen in resin.

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