In this post, we are featuring our favorite DIY backpacking recipes.

You can r ead about all of the food I prepared for a week-long backpacking trip--breakfast,lunch,dinner,snacks--in this post: A Week of Lightweight Nutritious Backpacking Food. I clearly need to hike with you because I absolutely suck with my meal preparation and yet it is a VERY critical element. Here are three more posts with recipes for nutritious on-the-go food. just not here much anymore! I’m still around…. I'm looking forward to the next one! Not everyone has time to make their own backpacking meals before setting off on a trip (if you do have time, we have a whole post about dehydrating food for backpacking!).

Making your own is not that difficult, less expensive, and much … HOT DRINKS - Warm beverages and soups are a really nice treat in the backcountry, especially on chilly trips where it’s harder to stay hydrated. Continue Rocking. I will be using these very often, thank you.. Thes are great recipes. Even the cheapest brands of backpacking food still cost a lot per portion. Everything always tastes better when you make it yourself and save money doing it. Great post. I normally go to the grocery stores and buy canned goods that I can bring with me. Why Dehydrate Your Own Backpacking Food? I am done with my dehydrating. Making your own backpacking food can dramatically reduce the cost per meal, open a wide range of recipe options, and allow you to really customize your nutritional profile. Thanks!, MYOG Camera Case Doubles as a Shoulder Pouch, New Day Hiking Permit Requirements for Wilderness Areas in the San Bernardino National Forest, Flying to Your Camping Destination? Super simple!John. Three Tips for Stress-Free Air Travel, It doesn’t have to be Mount Whitney – Spiral out when seeking adventure.

John, I never thought about those plastic produce bags. JGG, I agree it's critical to have the right nutrition and also go as light as possible. Healthier. This video will show you exactly how to dehydrate your own backpacking food including: cooking, loading the dehydrator, packaging, and more!► Step-by-step written instructions here:► Get delicious backpacking breakfast recipes... oatmeal, granola, and more! Making your own do-it-yourself backpacking meals is a great option compared to buying expensive freeze-dried or dehydrated meals. It would be greatly appreciated!!! You just need to know where to start! 3 different diets in one household make things difficult Making your own is not that difficult, less expensive, and much lighter than buying those individually packaged meals. Nice work John. Why Dehydrate Your Own Backpacking Meals? I got a dehydrator for last Christmas, but have yet to use it. Backpacking meals have certainly come a long way since I was a kid, when it was basically hot dogs and canned Dinty Moore beef stew or chili every night.
I am partly worried that I have never used one before...I will have to try this out though, except not quite so much...As well, I have never really ate much cous cous. Not only is it really simple (as you’ll see in this post), but it’s also fun and empowering to be able to control the quality of ingredients in your backpacking meals, and the serving sizes.. Hi all! Affection to watch. When it comes to backpacking, preparing and eating meals can be a bit of a task. Lastly, making your own backpacking cozy is really cheap … A meal cozy will keep your food and drinks hotter for longer when you’re in the backcountry.Who else likes their coffee super HOT?! 8 Instant Dry Soup Mixes. Why make a homemade backpacking cozy? The ultimate step-by-step guide to dehydrating food for backpacking!
You, too, can make your own backpacking food: I'll show you how to dehydrate and assemble trail meals; and how to store and pack them safely. There are so many reasons to make your own backpacking food. DIY DEHYDRATED MEALS - If you have the time and energy, it can be nice to make your own trail meals and dehydrate your own snacks.

Dangerous Thoughts to Entertain When Walking Alone in the Wilderness, Outdoor Products 30L Shasta Weather Defense Backpack. I think I need to go hiking with you too! Dehydrating your own meals saves money and helps dispel the myth that backpacking is expensive. Make Your Own Backpacking Meals!

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