on your water. There's already sugar in dry milk, but adding more will help hide unpleasant flavors. I have always wanted to do a taste test, that's awesome that someone finally did it!! Wow, are you still reading? This milk is packaged in aseptic containers, either cans or laminated paper cartons. Nido brand from Nestle

The drying process will adulterate the flavor of the powder. I'm so busy, I don't know if I've found a rope or lost my horse. Canned milk (UHT) should be stored till the stamped date code on the package (3 - 6 months). We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. (mine won’t go near the stuff) Just mixed according to directions, powdered milk really is blah, and the aftertaste is even worse. This article has been viewed 237,888 times. It is a whole powdered milk not skimmed. I wonder how they would compare? I'm using NIDO milk product… it's very tasty and delicious. A proportion of approximately one third of a cup of powdered milk to one cup of water gives a good quality milk.

It also didn’t taste very good. All information found on MomPrepares.com is intended for informational and educational purposes only. I found the fresher the package the less awful it Was! $11.99/can. Ick. Well, you could try maybe when you get down to a half gallon of whole milk, make a half gallon of the powdered milk and SHAKE WELL.

There is a taste difference, but the powdered milk is much better when it is ice cold.

Then we had people taste them and grade each on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being really bad and 5 being really good and let them write any comments they wanted to about any of them. When viewed purely as milk, 66% couldn’t visually identify which of the two samples was fresh milk, 79% said that the Milfresh sample looked more appealing to drink or didn’t have a preference. It was the classic powdered milk taste.
It starts with pasteurized milk combined with a sugar solution. I sure wouldn’t recommend Morning Moo to anyone. Combine sugar or another sweetener and vanilla flavoring together in a gallon of milk. It took 5 1/3 cups to make a gallon, so you don’t get very many gallons out of a can. Seriously, I had no idea there was as much variance as there is in the amount of powder required to mix a gallon of milk. We joked as we were fighting with it that it would probably be the best tasting just because it was such a pain to mix. Milk here (whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim) averages between $3.50 and $5.50 a gallon. For tips on how to add other flavors to dry milk, like vanilla or sugar, keep reading! That taste was bad enough to remember it, and it forever corrupted my view of powdered milk. I would mix it in gallon or half gallon milk containers and, when my nieces and nephew would visit, they’d drink it with no problem – in fact, they loved it! I appreciate your willingness to do that for the rest of us!!
We made it through all the regular white milks we tried.

Available from and donated by Walton Feed.

My favorite comment on this one: “Bitter, tastes like old milk.”  There you have it. 5 1/3 cups is actually 1 2/3 full cups. Well, that is actually less than most of the other brands.

If you do not have a refrigerator, consider switching to UHT milk instead, or mixing it into the dry. I always refrigerate the powder now in a plastic bag. And thanks for giving us the range of scores not just the average for each milk brand. Maybe if you mixed less in it wouldn’t have as much flavor. It helps a lot and it doesn’t take much. It also has a shelf life of approximately one year (use it for cooking instead of drinking after that) making it a great prep item. Like ruby jane said, it does taste better COLD. While reading this blog I thought it would be interesting to see if people who like certain types of powdered milk best liked certain types of regular milk best. This review was terrific!. You should have included Nido by Nestle in your taste test. I did it for you.

You can use dry milk powder in baking without any changes, using the same milk powder to water ratio recommended in this article. Hope this helps some. Seems to last longer, and taste mot a horrible as the cabinet stored ones!

The taste between the two will be different.

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