Sort of. There are two videos for "Wait and Bleed". The meaning is what it makes you feel inside. The second to last verse is the normal Corey trying to tell the bad one that he hasn't changed and that he will never learn that,,, there's more but you guys have to find that out. to chip in my two cents worth [chrisitian also] I always thought that he was mourning a loved one that was taken from him against their own will.

This song is obviously about homosexuality.

I haven't changed a thing

Now about the lyrics, I think when Corey sings "inside my shell I wait and bleed", the person's shell refers to isolation, because the person bleeding to death is by himself. Slipknot Just one sentence can save a life.

"Wait and Bleed" is the fourth track on Slipknot and serves as the album's first single. If you pay attention, the song sounds somewhat hypnotic. I wipe it off on a tile i believe the first verse is referring to his murder of a the person responsible for the death of said 'loved one'. Before you do it talk to someone. Helping you get through life. Luckily corey was saved in time and escaped the situation with only scars.

Spit It Out (Overcaffeinated Hyper Version),, "Wait and Bleed" (Classic Animation Claymation). The light is brighter this time "It" refers to consequence: "And it waits for you!" Inside my shell, I wait and bleed Or even getting through the day. \"Wait and Bleed\" is about a man who is dreaming that he is lying in a bathtub bleeding to death from his wrists. The laughter is to help reassure themselves, but deep down they like to be scared: "I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this" They start to bring themselves back to reality, and see that it may just be a dream or memory: "Is this a dream or a memory?" Ross Robinson, Slipknot adunit_id: 100001411, Inside my shell, I wait and bleed We didn't know it was going to be that popular. If anyone is considering commuting suicide.

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. – Chris Fehn[9]. I've felt the hate rise up in me They tell their cult that they had a vision from God, and despite the fact they are unsure if it really was from God, they say it was: "I'm a victim - Manchurian candidate" It turns out it wasn't a holy vision, and they regret telling people it was. Spit It Out. Pain was always free before, but now it isn't: "The pain was always free" Even though the pain is avoided this time, it was just luck. What usually happens is right before the person dies from committing suicide, he or she thinks "oh god, what have I done", because when they are finally faced with the situation in which they really are going to die, they are suddenly hit with the fact that they are saying goodbye to EVERYTHING. The descriptions and symptoms given by Corey, and the progressive lack of mental lucidity and increasing insanity, coupled by the the growling, barking delivery of the chorus (which gets worse as the song goes on) leave zero doubt in my mind. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS 'interpretation'. And it waits for you! [5] The song won the Best Single award at the 2000 Kerrang! inside my shell i wait and bleed The song also leaves a statement about suicide, how instead of bleeding to death you could have spent that time recovering from whatever was getting you down. Also, there is a lot of fear portrayed in the song, because the person bleeding to death knows that he is leaving everything in his life behind, thus Corey's scream of "goodbye!".

The first, directed by Thomas Mignone,[10] features a live performance of the song, filmed during the band's appearance at Ozzfest. Joey Jordison recalled in an interview with Kerrang! July 28, 1999 Get outta my head 'cause I don't need this This maybe portrays the feelings of one who is slowly dying. Goodbye! All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Writers It doesn't matter about how they ment it.

You take it and help get through life. In the first verse after the opening chorus, there is a lot of panic and self loathing. its a scream of suicide as he lays and bleeds waiting to die and be something feel something either then the pain and suffering his life has given him. I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this'.

"It was just a basic song.

Corey screams about being a "victim" and a "Manchurian candidate".

They write it. I've felt the hate rise up in me I wander out where you can't see The second, known as the "Claymation version", depicts all nine members as small, animated, doll-like creatures inside a laboratory inhabited by a man who is attempting to catch them.

This is not the way I pictured me song: "Wait And Bleed", Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves I am 100% convinced that Corey is singing about a person who is dying from rabies. They struggle to remove the memories/thoughts from their mind: "Get outta my head coz I don't need this" They realise it is a halucination/memory/holy vision: "Why didn't I see this?" Something about this, so very wrong They don't think they belong in this place and time, it isn't right: "Something about this, so very wrong..." They stop and think to themselves "it must be a dream, this can't be real" even though they are unsure. Previous "You go from being a civilized human being to someone who can commit terrible acts.

This song portrays that bit of relaxation in a very grim way. I've always been fascinated by the fact we represent ourselves as civilized when, at any moment, we can become animals."[4]. Song meanings ©2003-2020 This can be quite true with most cases of suicide. The pain was always free Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Therefore, we don't do that. corey stated the song answers the question of what he would do if he awoke in a room with a dead body. Goodbye! As one of Slipknot's most popular songs, it was remixed multiple times and is currently the band's fourth-most performed song, with 805 performances according to (sounds like he says inside michelle). Slipknot Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. The shell being their mind, the waiting being for the shock to pass: "Inside my shell, I wait and bleed" They come back, to double check if this is real, and clear more dirt and leaves off the gravestone, it gets brighter: "I wipe it off the tile, the light is brighter this time" Things seem to have a fake holiness, such as the light: "Everything is 3D blasphemy" As tears of pain, and knowledge of a forgotten death come back, the hair stands up on their body in shock. The hair is standing straight up "You haven't learned a thing, I haven't changed a thing, the flesh was in my bones, the pain was always free" basically means the person dying is acknowledging and feeling an extremely powerful feeling of guilt about the fact that he just watched himself bleed to death, and that any hope he had of stopping the bleeding was gone. I have to laugh out loud It is not about killing youre self but beeng killed from the inside. document.write('

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In the first verse, Corey screams "I wipe it off on tile","My eyes are red and gold", and "How the hell did I get here". Happy, mad, depressed, anxious.

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